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Turner Tackle Ringer O-Ring Swivels

Turner Tackle Ringer O-Ring Swivels

SKU: 861522002602

Ringer Swivels provide anglers with a bait rigging option for a variety of fishing situations and species, whether it be trolling for marlin, live baiting for tarpon, or kite fishing for sailfish. Ringer swivels are engineered with a barrel swivel with a strong o-ring, and come in a variety of sizes handle almost every bait rigging application.


Features by size:

  • Size 1 Ringer Swivel are good for rigging Small/Medium sized ballyhoo. The o-ring is perfectly sized to accept the industry standard circle hooks: 6/0-8/0
  • Size 2 Ringer Swivel are good for rigging pitch baits with Large/Horse ballyhoo and similar sized baits. The o-ring is larger than #1’s and has caught over 200 Blue Marlin this season in Costa Rica rigged with a circle hook: 10/0
  • Size 3 Ringer Swivel are good for rigging large pitch baits: mackerel/bonita/horse ballyhoo. This Ringer Swivel is sized to accept big circle hooks: 12/0+
  • Size 4 Ringer Swivel is great with your mackerel, bonita, live tuna's, and other large marlin baits. This swivel can accomodate circle hooks: 12/0 - 20/0
  • Size 5 Ringer Swivel, newly released, and the largest and strongest Ringer Swivel, can hold over 60+ lbs! This swivel can accomodate large, thick wire circle hooks.
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