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Kristal Electric 32A Male Plug

Kristal Electric 32A Male Plug

SKU: 07770289

The Bals Kristal 32 AMP Male Marine Connector is suitable for the installation of both 12 and 24 volt DC systems used to power large electric reels, winches, dredge reels, high power LED lights, grinders, and commercial grade fishing lamps. Ideal for all DC marine equipment that requires higher amperage draws. This polyamide plug measures 5 3/8 inches in total length when threaded down completely.

The new male plug features the strongest strain relief system in the industry. The new threaded cap will not only seal your wires, it will also tightly secure them to prevent the wires from coming out. Use round cables instead of the flat “ribbon-type”. The round cables provide a better seal and infinitely tighter connection.

If you are purchasing any 32 AMP connector, please be advised that the 32 AMP size is fairly new. If you are purchasing a 32 AMP plug for a system that is older than 3 years, chances are it is a 16 AMP system. You can verify by looking at the connector presently on your boat, reel, light, or accessory that you are looking to connect.

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