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Gomexus Plug & Play Conventional Reel Handles

Gomexus Plug & Play Conventional Reel Handles


GOMEXUS 95mm Aluminum handle equipped with a 38mm larger round knob and counterbalance which can provide a bigger torque and cranking power.



  • 【Aluminum round knob】: The round knob adopts a weatherproof design, and will not be corroded by seawater and fish mucus. Special drip hole design for better drainage.
  • 【95mm handle】: The extra-length power handle includes the large power knob and counterbalances giving additional cranking power to catfish fishing.
  • 【Keep balance】: High-performance counterbalance suppresses the shake of the reel body that occurs when the reel is rotated to the limit, and it can eliminate the phenomenon of self-rotation and realizes smooth reeling, easy to wind at a constant speed.
  • 【Plenty of extra pieces】: It comes with all the component parts including nuts, plate, and screw.
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