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Diamond Fish Saver Release Device

Diamond Fish Saver Release Device

SKU: 695699000402

Diamond Fishing Products’ new Fish Saver Descending Device is the most effective and simplest fish descending device on the market today. The survival rate for the Fish Saver is right at 100% and does far less damage to the fish than the hypo-puncture venting devices that have been used in the past.

The Fish Saver uses a weight to quickly lower the fish and a retrieval line to bring it back to the surface. This device is simple with no moving parts or triggers and is capable of returning multiple fish at the same time.

Diamond’s Fish Saver has an elongated barbless upside down hook attached to a weight that quickly takes the fish back to the bottom, naturally re-compressing the trapped air relieving the barotrauma effect, oxygenating the fish on the way down and releasing it unharmed.


Avoid rough handling: Avoid dropping the fish, and touch it as little as possible while also using a wet towel or wet hands. This will help to reduce removal of the fish’s protective slime coat.

Do not vent: Puncturing the fish’s stomach, swim bladder or other bulging organs is NOT recommended and can cause serious injury or introduce infection. This practice can lead to death.

Limit surface time: Snapper/Grouper survival rates related to time. Time spent on the surface and survival rates increase as surface time decreases. With practice, bottom fish can be released very rapidly, often in less than two minutes after reaching the surface.

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