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Danco Sabiki Dehooker

Danco Sabiki Dehooker

SKU: 824071001236

STRONG & EFFICIENT DESIGN - 7 inch long dehooker is built to handle fish up to 20 lbs without the need to touch and harm your catch!
SALTWATER RESISTANT - 304 stainless steel hooked end prevents corrosion in saltwater conditions while securely fastened to the durable grip
FLOATS - High pressure injected polymer handle provides a sense of relieve if dropped overboard as it floats
NON SLIP ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Individual finger slots provide a comfortable grip along with a embossed thumb location for an increased grip
SAFE HOOK REMOVAL - 1. Put hooked end of dehooker around line in front of hooked fish 2. Pull dehooker toward fish until hook and dehooker are engaged 3. While holding like downward and dehooker upward, gently shake up and down until the fish is safely released

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