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Daiwa Free Swimmer EX BR Spinning Reels

Daiwa Free Swimmer EX BR Spinning Reels


Featuring an automatic Bite N' Run Clutch system for anglers who throw cut and live bait, the Daiwa Free Swimmer EX Spinning Reels are a heavy-duty performer ready to tangle with the biggest fresh and saltwater gamefish out there. The Free Swimmer EX features a secondary drag system at the rear of the reel which is often referred to as a "Live-Liner" or "Bait-Runner" system. When this secondary drag system is engaged, a greatly reduced drag is applied that allows your target species to swim off with bait and not notice it is in the beginning stages of being hooked. Once this happens, the angler simply flips the secondary drag mechanism or engages the handle, taking the secondary drag out of engagement, and you are free to hook and fight the fish on the reels primary front drag. The secondary drag can be adjusted for tension much like the normal front drag of the reel, just at a much lesser setting, which allows you to adjust for current and other variables that may affect your bait.

Other than the secondary drag that is on the rear of this reel, the Free Swimmer EX functions just as any other spinning reel would and utilizes innovative Daiwa reel technology and premium components. Daiwa utilizes their Air Rotor and Air Bail to reduce the reels overall weight while aiding in the ability to reduce start and stop inertia for every handle turn. Its waterproof Carbon ATD drag, CRBB bearings, and Magsealed technology provides great capability even in harsh saltwater environments, while Digigear gearing truly puts the heat down to wind larger gamefish in. A machined aluminum handle with aluminum handle knob offers great comfort for the long fights against your favorite species. The Free Swimmer EX truly shines when throwing live baitfish such as mullet, menhaden, eels and in addition cut baits like chunks, whole squid, carp baits and more. For the angler looking for a high quality "bait-runner" styled reel to take on the gamefish that roam our waters, look to the Free Swimmer EX to outperform the rest.


  • Automatic Bite N' Run Clutch
  • AIR Rotor
  • Air Bail
  • Waterproof Carbon ATD Drag System
  • Aluminum Handle Knob
  • Machined Aluminum Screw in Handle
  • CRBB Bearings
  • Reel Specs

    SKU Gear Ratio

    Line Per

    Crank (in.)

    Mono Cap (lb/yards)

    Braid Cap (lb/yards)

    Bearings Max Drag (lbs) Weight
    FRSWEX8000     4.7:1 36.1 16/330 20/280 40/330 50/280 6 22 22.9
    FRSWEX10000     4.7:1     39.6 20/330
    6 22  23.3 oz


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