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Ahi 600 Series Cast Nets

Ahi 600 Series Cast Nets


1/4” Six Panel Mono | 1”- 5” Bait | Lead | 1.35lb/ft

The Ahi USA 600 Pro Series Cast Nets are one of our more popular Professional Grade Cast Net for the most avid dedicated saltwater angler. This Professional Series is available in 6 sizes including 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', & 12' radius. What sets this series apart is it's 6 panel design and construction that features double knotted 1/4" Monofilament Square Mesh making it ideal for targeting those small baits commonly found in the colder months of the year.

Each net also includes our Premium UBE Chip Monofilament Netting, 100 Ibs test braille lines, and 1.35 Ibs of Actual Lead Weight per foot of lead line. Due to its heavier weight and smaller mesh, each net comes together at a commercial grade anodized swivel that includes a 30 foot poly rope handline.

Nets ranging from 5' - 7' come packed in a reusable hard plastic rectangular container, nets ranging from 8' - 12' sizes come in a reusable round bucket, each helping with storage when the net is not in use. Each cast net also comes packed with Step by Step instructions on how to properly load and throw for optimal use.

And lastly, this series of nets has been thoroughly tested by our Pro Staff Anglers to ensure our standards for performance and durability are meet for superior quality, something that is a cornerstone for all Ahi cast nets. 

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