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Addya A705-SSMA Makau Needle Eye Hook

Addya A705-SSMA Makau Needle Eye Hook


Japanese Stainless Matte Makau Big Game Needle Eye Hooks

Needle Point: Produced from Fully Automated Japanese Forming Machines capable of producing over 1000 different styles of hooks and chemically sharpened.

Tri-Cut Point: Superior point to withstand rigor with a Patented Heat Treatment process to withstand wear and tear.

Anti-Rust: Superior anti-rust treatments for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

2 per pack

Since 1943 - ADDYA Outdoors has used only the highest quality high-carbon steel wire in the manufacturing of our hooks. Whether it be for fresh water, salt water, and big game fishing our steel has consistent microstructure and is custom-made to create optimum elasticity and tensile strength. Plus, if you need help finding exactly what you need, our knowledgeable and experienced staff would love to connect with you to help you find the best product for your needs.

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