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1182137 (26B-320 Spool Tension Cap ONLY)

1182137 (26B-320 Spool Tension Cap ONLY)

SKU: 1182137

1182137 (26B-320 Spool Tension Cap ONLY)


As of April 2004, Penn has redesigned the cap so that it will be more difficult for it to accidentally fall off. In order to install it, position the star so that you have access to angle the cap and slide it into place. Easiest installation is to remove the handle and star entirely.

NOTE: only the new style is available at this time, if we get more of the old style in we will add the option to purchase it. This item listing is JUST a cap.

Note: Additional parts that go in this cap that may be missing; must be ordered separately:
40C-320 Washer, Thrust, Metal
40D-320 Washer, Thrust, Rubber
41-330 Spring, Thrust, Handle Side

Only 3 left in stock
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