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1182024 (24-320 Handle Assembly)

1182024 (24-320 Handle Assembly)

SKU: 1182024

1182024 (24-320 Handle Assembly)



Standard Handle for These Models:

25GLS, 320GT, 320GT2, 320GT2LC, 321GT2-LH, 321GT-LH, 330GT, 970, 980, 990 (use as sub. for 24-970)


Can fit ALL of These Models:

20, 20T, 25GLS, 30, 30T, 30TW, 30S, 30SW, 30VW (Older and Newer), 40GLS, 45GLS, 50, 50T, 50TW, 50W
50S, 50SW, 50VW, 113H, 113HL, 113HLW, 113HSP, 113H2, 113H2LW, 113H2SP, 113H2-LH, 113MTL, 220GTO, 230GTO (Also needs one 110-60 locking screw), 225LD, 245LD, 246LD, 320GT, 321GT, 320LD , 320GT2, 321GT2, 320GT2LC, 330GT, 330GT2, 340GT, 345GT, 340GT2, 345GT2, 349, 349H, 349HC, 970, 980, 990, TRQ300LD



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