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Inox Lubricants

Inox Lubricants


The very same oil and grease used by our own reel technicians to service and maintain customer reels. MX3 oil for bearings and stuck screws, eat away at salt. MX6 grease for high temperature and hi pressure lubrication of gears and metal on metal components. 


The only lubricant in the world with the special MX3 anti-corrosion, anti-moisture formula for the twenty – first century. MX3 is an anti-corrosion anti-moisture lubricant designed to be sprayed on surfaces and between moving parts. The lubricant is made with a high grade white oil, rust inhibitors and other components to give lasting protection from corrosion and oxidation. MX3 will penetrate through bolts and parts that are stuck together to help loosen and easily free up without causing damage.

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